‘She’s Almost Here’ new ‘Finding Dory’ TV Spot is 30-seconds of Action-Packed Anticipation

Check out 30 second of action-packed anticipation in this new Finding Dory TV Spot teaser titled, “She’s Almost Here”.
Finding Dory She's Almost Here Teaser

Dory, Crush, Hank, and the rest of the gang are gearing up for the theatrical release (June 17) of Finding Dory in this latest TV spot for the film. The 30-second advertisement is packed with never-before-seen clips – from a collection of regal tang fish that Dory interacts with, to Bailey and Destiney unsuccessfully (yet hilariously) attempting to coordinate a wave to splash on-lookers. Check out the clip below (via Pixar’s YouTube channel) and chat about this TV spot (along with past trailers/ads) in the Pixar Post Forum.

Finding Dory Blue Tangs

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