Hank On The Loose – ‘Finding Dory’ New Screenshot, Fan Art & Activity Sheets

Artwork of Finding Dory – New screenshot, fan artwork of Hank the septopus and activity sheets from the film.
Finding Dory Touch Pool Screencap

With the new officially released image of Hank and Dory (along with the first international trailer) hurrying through the Marine Life Institute’s touch pool, it got us excited to think of all the hijinks which will take place between the pair. Hank’s worrisome and cranky demeanor paired against Dory’s optimistic and free nature has already begun to endear us to their relationship — and to honor that humorous balance, we decided to sketch a quick Hank and Dory sidewalk chalk drawing the other evening.

Finding Dory Sidewalk Chalk

We’d love to see your artistic inspiration surrounding the camouflaging Hank or any of the Finding Dory crew as well — use sidewalk chalk, sketch on paper, or color a few pages from the new activity sheets (connect-the-dots, coloring pages, and maze). When your work is completed, share it with us using the hashtag #HankOnTheLoose on Twitter or Instagram.

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