‘Finding Dory’ Spanish Trailer and High-Resolution Images Reveal ‘WALL-E’ Easter Egg

The Finding Dory Spanish trailer was released. Additionally, two new high-resolution images were released which revealed a hidden WALL-E easter egg.
Finding Dory Fluke and Rudder

With Finding Dory hitting theaters in approximately six weeks (June 17), new merchandise and sneak peeks will be released with increased frequency. Today, two new images were released along with the Spanish international trailer featuring two new (very brief) shots from the film – an otter swimming below a kelp ceiling and an intense moment involving a bioluminescent squid. Watch the trailer below (via Guia del Ocio YouTube and spotted by Forum user, “Just Keep Swimming”).

In addition to the image of the lazy sea lion duo, Rudder and Fluke, we also spotted an Easter Egg referencing WALL•E (in a wall calendar) in the beautifully lit image of Hank suspended from a web of pipes in the Marine Life Institute.

Finding Dory Screencap
Finding Dory WALL-E calendar Easter Egg

We’ve spotted quite a few hidden items to date including the famed, A-113, a reference to Pixar’s address, and even an image of Darla (from Finding Nemo) — image on the left is from the Finding Dory trailer, while the image on the right is from Finding Nemo.

Finding Dory Darla Easter Egg

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