‘Coco’ Update: Lee Unkrich Introduces Team Members

Pixar’s upcoming film Coco releases on Nov 22, 2017. Director, Lee Unkrich is updating us with some of the team’s key players.
Coco Concept Art

Pixar is slated to release two films in 2017 — Cars 3 (June 16) and Coco (November 22). As each film gets closer and closer to its respective release dates, additional information will continue to emerge about each film, giving us clues to the look, feel, and emotion of the film. Coco Director, Lee Unkrich, has recently been posting updates to Twitter about crew members associated with the film as well as updates to the process and we couldn’t be more excited.

On April 6, corresponding with the release of Danielle Feinberg’s fantastic TED Talk on the science of light, Lee tweeted that Danielle would be “lighting our upcoming film”.

Additionally, we were thrilled to read his April 12 update when he announced the animation team had officially started on the show.

This afternoon (April 14), Unkrich revealed that Daniel Arriaga was working on the film bringing his unique vision in character design to the project. You can’t argue with his commitment to the role either — look at that tattoo! (Look closely and you can also get a look at the film’s main character, Miguel on Daniel’s desk.)

Be sure to follow Lee on Twitter, along with his other social channels for more updates (he teased earlier this year that he may update Snapchat as well). In the meantime, if you’d like to catch up with more information regarding Coco, check out our post which looked into updates surrounding the film since its 2012 CinemaCon announcement — All About ‘Coco’ – From 2012 To Now.

Updated: Lee has been continuing to introduce new team members and users have begun talking about the artists on the Forum – check it out along with some of Adrian Molina’s early work.

Lee also mentioned that Adrian was also credited as the writer on Coco.

So here’s a summary of who we know will be working on the project so far…

  • Director – Lee Unkrich
  • Producer – Darla Anderson
  • Consultant/Writer – Lalo Alcaraz – Role is not totally clear, but we assume he was a consultant on the film since he’s still working on outside projects as well. But, his Twitter lists him as a writer of the film as well…so looks like he’ll be an outside writer they brought in on the project.
  • Co-Director / Writer – Adrian Molina
  • Director of Photography – Lighting – Danielle Feinberg
  • Character Designer – Daniel Arriaga
  • Supervising Animators – Gini Santos, Mike Venturini
  • Animators – Eliza Ivanova, Dovi Anderson & Gwen Enderoglu
  • Production Designer – Harley Jessup

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