Watch ‘Inside Out’ At Home – Our Digital & Blu-ray Review

Inside Out is available to watch in home now on Disney+, 4K Blu-ray DVD and more – check out our review and special features list.
Inside Out Riley and Bing Bong playing

Inside Out, the film that takes us inside the mind of 11-year-old, Riley is now available on digital and physical release. The film has been available in digital form since October 13, but as of November 3, you can get the Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray & DVD versions as well.


5-out-of-5 stars – As we settled in to watch Inside Out (for about the seventh time) we were eager with anticipation to watch it in true High Definition at home this time. One of the best parts about watching a new Pixar Blu-ray is noticing all of the details from scene to scene — including spotting easter eggs and hidden references.

Inside Out is jam-packed with great easter eggs from the Pizza Planet Truck, A-113, Toy Story references, The Good Dinosaur characters, and more (our complete Inside Out easter egg guide will be posted soon).

The Inside Out Blu-ray looks flawless on our home theater and if you’re a fan of 3D films, you can’t get better than Pixar’s renderings. We generally are not fans of non-Pixar movies in 3D and the filmmakers/Stereoscopic team at Pixar did another fantastic job using this technology to enhance the stunning world of Riley’s mind without coming across as gimmicky.

A Blu-ray release wouldn’t be complete without an incredible list of special features and the Inside Out Blu-ray does not disappoint (read our previous post on the complete list of Inside Out special features).

Rainbow Unicorn GIF

From the numerous deleted scenes to the fascinating behind-the-scene peeks, we couldn’t get enough. One of our favorite extras features Character Art Director Albert Lozano as he explains his artistic process behind the Abstract Thought scene from the film — a scene that happens to be one of our all-time favorite cinematic moments for its creativity and originality.


Included on the Blu-ray is also the short Riley’s First Date (watch a short clip)directed by Josh Cooley. The short film continues to pull laughs as the story focuses on the emotions within Riley’s parents’ minds as a boy named Jordan shows up to take Riley skating…or is it dating?! The witty script and fantastic music choices bring us back to the moments when our own parents embarrassed us in front of friends.

Riley's First Date Screencap


The mind isn’t the only place you’ll visit while watching the Inside Out Blu-ray, the ukulele-driven short, Lava is included as well (more details on buying the Lava song, eBook, or short can be found here).

This beautiful short film features a love story that was years in the making with a tune so lovely that you’ll be singing it for hours. While watching Lava on our home theater we noticed the sandy beaches were brighter, the sound was crisper and Uku’s gritty details came through with more detail.

Pixar Lava Screecap of Lele


Inside Out continues to impress us with its visual artistry and the beautiful storyline that makes us yearn for our own childhood. Below is a brief summary of the versions available for purchase (as pulled from a Pixar Post Forum discussion).

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  • Target version has exclusive extras – approximately 20 extra minutes 
  • Best Buy version comes with character cards & a varied slip cover 
  • Disney Movies Anywhere / Digital Copy – Additional behind the scenes & two extra deleted scenes (these extras are also included along with the Blu-ray release if you enter the Disney Movies Anywhere code included with the release)
  • Disney Store (4 exclusive lithographs included)
  • Zavvi (UK Retailer) has the Steelbook case exclusive (more info here

You can always stream Inside Out on Amazon, Apple TV, and Disney+.

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