Pete Docter Honored For ‘Inside Out’ At The Hollywood Film Awards

Pete Docter was on hand to accept the Hollywood Film Award for Inside Out – read his acceptance speech.
Pete Docter Hollywood Film Awards

The annual Hollywood Film Awards were held this past Sunday (November 1) and Inside Out director Pete Docter was in attendance to accept the Hollywood Animation Award on behalf of the entire crew.

Amy Poehler, the voice of Joy presented the award to Pete and praised her love for the film stating, “Inside Out is quite simply the best film of the year…and not animated film but FILM”.

As Pete took the stage he expressed his thanks for the numerous creative minds that helped with the production, including John Lasseter, Jonas Rivera, Ronnie Del Carmen, Josh Cooley, and Meg LeFauve.

As Pete began to wrap up his speech he continued to share his appreciation for the vocal cast — then glanced at Amy and stated, “…she was an incredible person to work with except for the pencils in the onion dip”, both chuckled at the “inside” joke but it definitely left us wanting to hear the rest of that story.

Congratulations to the entire Inside Out crew for the recognition of all your hard work! May this be a fantastic kickoff to an award season full of rewards. To view additional photos of Pete Docter and Amy Poehler, visit Getty Images. Be sure to share your thoughts with other Pixar fans on Inside Out in the Pixar Post Forum.

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