‘The Good Dinosaur’ In Disney Infinity 3.0 – Spot & Power Disc Pack Review

Read our review of the Disney Infinity Spot figure which will be part of The Good Dinosaur toybox.
The Good Dinosaur Spot Disney Infinity Figure

Disney Infinity is known for having insanely high-quality game figures and amazing interactive gameplay. The details and build quality in-and-out of the game are outstanding and today (November 3), we’re very excited because Spot (from the upcoming The Good Dinosaur) joins the Disney Infinity 3.0 lineup of figures and continues the tradition of high quality.

Spot Disney Infinity The Good Dinosaur Figure

As soon as you take Spot out of the box you really get a sense of his charm. The look of dirt smeared across his face, chest, hands, and feet really sell his dog-like caveman aura and his actions in the game completely match his movie personality — feisty, rambunctious, and tenacious.

When you start leveling up Spot and build out his Skill Tree, you see the value in his intense physical strength, speed (kind of like Dash in 1.0), and wall-crawl ability. We especially think you’ll like Spot’s move where he digs feverishly in the dirt, kicking up dust and rocks that smack opponents right in the face.

The Good Dinosaur Disney Infinity gameplay gif

As you enjoy Spot, you of course want to start playing with Arlo as well. Arlo is a ride-on character, so jump on and start stomping around. Use Arlo to travel across your toy box quickly or use his power stomp (and ferocious roar) to cause damage to opponents. It’s fun seeing giant footprints appear on the ground as any of the dinosaurs from the power disc 4 pack (Arlo, Butch, Ramsey, or Nash) race across the toy box terrain. 

In addition to the Good Dino figures coming out tomorrow, Disney Infinity fans may also want to pick up Ultron, Darth Maul, and Hulkbuster which also hit stores on November 3.

ULTRON: Ultron, the world’s most advanced robot and maniacal Super-Villain will stop at nothing to destroy humanity and their protectors, the mighty Avengers. With the ability to summon duplicate robotic sentries, the character uses magnetic pull followed by a powerful blast of energy to defeat his foes.

HULKBUSTER: Hulkbuster, the mega-sized armor created by Tony Stark, combines the incredible force of Hulk with the tech capabilities of Iron Man.  A brute tank, Hulkbuster’s powerful combo attacks are great at dealing with nearby groups of enemies while his Thruster Dash makes up for his lack of overall speed, allowing him to close distance with targets easily.  Missiles, thrusters for flight, and a suit-integrated tractor beam complement this powerhouse.

DARTH MAUL: The deadly Darth Maul uses his double-bladed Lightsaber™ and dark side Force™ powers in death-defying duels against his enemies.

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