Arlo and Poppa Share A Meaningful Moment in New Clip From ‘The Good Dinosaur’

Poppa and Arlo share a wonderful moment about conquering your fears in this The Good Dinosaur clip.
The Good Dinosaur Poppa and Arlo Firefly

With the release of each Pixar film, the audience is introduced to meaningful characters and relationships that make you feel a multitude of emotions. In a new clip from The Good Dinosaur (Disney•Pixar YouTube channel) the filmmakers establish the beautiful relationship between Arlo and Poppa. Arlo who tends to be a bit fearful and timid is voiced wonderfully by Raymond Ochoa who adds a youthful charm to the character – particularly with his frightened tone. While Poppa, voiced by Jeffrey Wright creates a sense of love and protectiveness as he explains,

“Sometimes you have to get through your fear to see the beauty on the other side.”

What’s great about this clip is that it opened with Arlo looking into the darkness of the tall grass with slight fog lingering in the background creating that tension between him and nature/elements. As nature becomes the film’s main antagonist, it was interesting to see Arlo’s fear take root so early.

The Good Dinosaur team did a great job not only establishing the fear but also setting the stage for the amazement and joy the fireflies bring to Arlo and Poppa — as we know Spot and Arlo enjoy a similar moment together (as seen in previous trailers) later in the film.

While the visuals and relationship take center stage in this clip, you can’t help but notice the beauty of Michael & Jeff Danna’s score. Well known for his ethereal score for Life of Pi (2012), Danna’s international influence can be heard in this featured clip from the swelling notes to the drumbeats and we can’t wait to hear more.

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