Arlo & The T-Rexes Work Together In A New ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Clip

Check out this extended The Good Dinosaur clip showing how Arlo world with the T-Rex dinosaurs to trap the Raptors.
The Good Dinosaur screencap

In this new clip, revealed by USA Today & Disney UK, Arlo shows his nervous and timid nature when Butch and the T-Rexes want to use him as bait to draw the attention of the “Rustlers.”

Arlo’s bright and innocent voice (Raymond Ochoa) pairs brilliantly against the grit and gravity of Butch’s (Sam Elliott) as Arlo fails to understand the unique dialect of the ranching dinosaur. After you watch this clip, be sure to check out the collection of TV Spots and other advertisements in the Pixar Post Forum.

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