New Clip From ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Reveals The Story Behind Butch’s Scar

Watch this clip from The Good Dinosaur as Butch explains the origins of his scar
The Good Dinosaur Butch Scar

In this new clip, revealed by Disney UK, the cowboy-esque Butch shares the story behind his scar during an evening bonfire. As the group eagerly sits around the flickering fire, Butch clears his throat and begins his harrowing tale.

This scene showcases not only the brilliant vocal performance of Sam Elliott (Butch) but also the artistry from the Effects and Lighting team as the floating embers and orange glow from the fire add to the suspense and fear from Butch’s story. After you watch this clip, be sure to check out the collection of TV Spots and other advertisements in the Pixar Post Forum.

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