Wall Street Journal Video Interview Shows New ‘Sanjay’s Super Team’ Screenshots

Dive into the making of Sanjay’s Super Team as the WSJ talks with the team behind the short film.
Sanjay's Super Team Screencap

In a recent interview, Sanjay Patel (Writer/Director) and Nicole Paradis-Grindle (Producer) sat down with Wall Street Journal’s, Christopher Farley to chat about their upcoming short film, Sanjay’s Super Team. Along with the interview, three new looks at the film were also revealed showing Sanjay with his father, another look at the Hindu Goddess, Durga, and an additional view of Hanuman.

The interview focused on topics that have previously been discussed (i.e., that it’s a personal story from Patel’s youth and how the film is a culturally rich story that gives viewers “a small appetizer of what another culture is like”, as Patel stated).

It was a pleasure to hear the sincerity in Sanjay’s voice as he told his personal story and expanded on how Nicole and Sanjay came to work together. Watch the video below or click to watch it on the WSJ YouTube page.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the interview or on Sanjay’s Super Team in general – leave a comment below, or chat about it on the Pixar Post Forum.

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