‘Riley’s First Date?’ Featurette Video

With the Inside Out Blu-ray coming out soon, Pixar released a featurette looking at the short film, Riley’s First Date – watch it here.
Riley's First Date Screecap

Included with the Blu-ray release of Inside Out, a new short film called Riley’s First Date? takes a humorous (and panicked) look into Riley’s parent’s minds as they battle with the possibility of their daughter’s first date.

You can own the Blu-ray and short film on November 3, but can enjoy a short featurette today and watch as Riley’s Dad has to learn to “Man up” as her Mom “tries” to be cool! Watch the featurette below.

Are you still wondering which version of Inside Out to buy? Here’s a summary of the versions available for purchase (as pulled from a Pixar Post Forum discussion).

  • The Target version has additional extras – approximately 20 extra minutes
  • Best Buy version comes with character cards & a varied slipcover
  • Disney Movies Anywhere / Digital Copy – Additional behind-the-scenes & two extra deleted scenes.
  • Disney Store – if you pre-order comes with a 4-image lithograph set
  • Zavvi (UK Retailer) has the Steelbook case exclusive (more info here)
  • Walmart (no known exclusives)
  • Amazon (no known exclusives)

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