Matt Jones’ Early ‘Inside Out’ Story Boards

Pixar story artist Matt Jones shared his early drawings from Inside Out. Did you know there were originally 6 emotions in the film (rather than 5)?
Matt Jones Inside Out early storyboards

A few months ago we re-posted some early Inside Out concept artwork from former Pixar story artist, Matt Jones as he showcased some of his pieces exploring Riley’s mind. In Jones’ latest post, he shared an early test (2010) as he explored how Riley and her Emotions would “interface” (as he put it).

Head over to Matt’s site to view the entire sequence which is reminiscent of the famed dinner table argument scene where Riley fights with her Parents (Dad is snapped out of imagining a hockey game while Mom thinks of the Brazilian helicopter pilot after disappointment sets in).

The boards also give us a look at early emotions such as Ira (Anger), Freddie (Fear), Preston (the purple character was Pride, but nixed), and Hope (green character).

Matt Jones Inside Out early storyboards

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