‘The Good Dinosaur’ New Character Images & Subway Restaurant Promotion

The Good Dinosaur Subway

Subway Restaurants has just launched a new kid’s meal promotion highlighting the November 25 release of The Good Dinosaur with a series of collectible bags and games. Head into stores to pick up the bags and play the games on the Subway Kids website, or download the Subway Kids app (Apple or Android).

Along with the promotion, a new series of images and artwork for many of the film’s characters have also been revealed featuring Arlo’s parents, siblings and the three T-Rexes revealed at the D23 Expo.

The most interesting images revealed were part of the online card matching game featuring Arlo’s family (shown below), the wise-yet-kooky, Shaman, and many fun poses of Arlo and Spot together. When reviewing the images you may also notice Libby (along with Momma, Poppa, and Buck). In June, the updated vocal cast was revealed without a mention of Libby and as of today, we’re still not aware who will be voicing the character.

The bags that come with each kid’s meal measure 10.5″ x 7″ and come with a small puzzle inside one of six uniquely designed bags. (The bags can also be purchased individually as well without purchasing a kid’s meal.)

What are your thoughts on the new images and bags at Subway? Leave a comment below or chat about it with other fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

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