Arlo’s Adventure – ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Fan Photo Collaboration

Arlo's Adventure hashtag

In The Good Dinosaur, Arlo embarks on a journey home after a massive event turns his world upside down. In the spirit of Arlo’s trek, we were inspired to start a new adventure and wanted to include you as well. The mission is simple, share a photo of Arlo using #ArlosAdventure and along with spreading the word about the movie, we’ll share our favorite photos on our site and social media channels.

The Good Dinosaur character art

Although Arlo’s personal adventure is massive in scale we wondered what your personal journey with Arlo would look like. Whether it’s a photo with an Arlo cutout in your own backyard, reading a Good Dino” book with your family, or creating your own Arlo-inspired artwork, we want to see it.

Use the hashtag #ArlosAdventure on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook, and let’s show our excitement for the upcoming film and have some fun at the same time.

The mission is simple — Share a photo with Arlo using #ArlosAdventure

We’ve kicked off Arlo’s Adventure by having fun with green sidewalk chalk around our town – putting the highly recognizable logo of Arlo and Spot’s hand around to let people know about the film and we’re having a blast along the way.

We have some other fun ideas up our sleeve, but as we mentioned, we want to see what you can do as well with Arlo. Will you take a soon-to-be-released plush Arlo on a family trip, will you sketch an Apatosaurus-inspired drawing, or would you take a photo standing next to a Good Dinosaur movie poster at your local theater?

Either way, tag the photo using #ArlosAdventure!

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