‘The Good Dinosaur’ Activity Sheets & Updated Character Details For Buck

Marcus Scribner Buck

Marcus Scribner, the voice of Arlo’s brother, Buck recently chatted with J-14 about his role in the upcoming prehistoric Pixar flick and noted a few new character traits. Marcus stated, “The Good Dinosaur was a blast to work on. I play Buck who is the scrappy older brother of the main character, Arlo. He is a tough Apatosaurus who is willing to work hard and loves to play some mischievous tricks.”

We can’t wait to see what Buck’s mischievous tricks will be, but we’re thinking this may be another layer in the separation between Arlo and his family. Buck even looks more similar to his Father than Arlo does and is most likely a more natural fit for farming than the somewhat clumsy Arlo is. Again, these are all speculations on our part – what are your thoughts?

Momma and Poppa The Good Dinosaur

In addition to the interview, a series of activity and coloring pages were released featuring The Good Dinosaur and can be downloaded on our Forum. After you download the files, if you complete the Hexaflexagon or color any of the pages, be sure to head back to the forum and show us your completed image!

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