‘The Good Dinosaur’ Books Popping up on Amazon – Including ‘The Art of Sanjay’s Super Team’

The Good Dinosaur Golden Book

As the theatrical release for The Good Dinosaur nears we couldn’t help but spread the word that a series of activity books, coloring books, and reading books (including the amazing The Art of The Good Dinosaur) have been popping up on Amazon to pre-order.

The books will be released between October 2015 – January 2016 and feature new characters that have yet to be seen in any official trailers or teasers. Below are the titles sorted by release date – click any title to order.

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October 13

The Good Dinosaur Books

October 27

The Good Dinosaur Read-Along Story

November 10

The Art of The Good Dinosaur Book

December 17

  • The Good Dinosaur Cinestory Comic – 384 pages. By adapting the film script to comic format and using screen grabs of the film to create a continuous book-length comic story–as has been done with the successful Disney Frozen and Disney-Pixar Inside Out cinestories–The Good Dinosaur will be a hit with all fans of animation and comics.

January 5

In addition to the plethora of “Good Dino” books, a special “Art of” book will be released on December 1, showcasing the upcoming short film Sanjay’s Super Team (paired with The Good Dinosaur). This release will mark the first time that Pixar has featured an “Art of” book surrounding one particular short – as the previous release was a collection of numerous short films.

The Art of Sanjay's Super Team Book

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