‘Inside Out’ Emotion Comes To Life in LEGO Form

Inside Out Anger LEGO

“Let me ask you a question: Ever been frustrated that you can’t find that piece you need? Irritated that you put a sticker on crooked? Upset that you just stepped on a LEGO brick? Then this is the LEGO Ideas project for you. I present to you Anger from the Disney/Pixar’s film, Inside Out.” — Angus MacLane

Pixar’s fifteenth feature film, Inside Out, continues to attract large crowds to the box office, making it the second-biggest opening of a Pixar film (behind Toy Story 3). While fans have already started collecting Inside Out themed books, apparel, and toys, Pixarian and LEGO enthusiast Angus MacLane (Director of Toy Story of TERROR!, Co-Director Finding Dory) has created a unique LEGO Anger character to (potentially) add to your collection.

Let your voice be heard — if you enjoy LEGO Anger, be sure to cast your vote on the LEGO Ideas project page. If the project reaches 10,000 supporters within one year (from June 30, 2015), LEGO Anger will be reviewed at an official LEGO Reviews panel for production consideration.


MacLane is no stranger when it comes to LEGO Ideas as his LEGO WALL•E garnered fan support and official LEGO approval to be produced for the 2015 holiday season. Additionally, back in 2013, he took part in a mini-documentary (or “blocumentary”) describing his passion for LEGO, as well as showing off his creative space and designs — including Carl Fredricksen (Up) and many more unique creations.

To show your support for this fiery LEGO emotion, be sure to visit LEGO Ideas and cast your vote.

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