Brad Bird Confirms ‘The Incredibles 2’ Is His Next Project

The Incredibles Edna Mode Screencap

During the 2014 Annual Disney Shareholder meeting, CEO Bob Iger revealed that a sequel to The Incredibles was in the works. If you remember, it was two years ago when The Hollywood Reporter first discussed potential on the frequently fan-requested sequel with Brad Bird, where he replied, “I have been thinking about it. People think that I have not been, but I have.” Recently, Brad Bird cleared speculations regarding the sequel during an interview on NPR’s Ask Me Another show stating, “It’s percolating. Yeah, I mean…I’m just starting to write it so, we’ll see what happens (audience cheers)”.

As Bird wrapped production on his film, Tomorrowland and with its theatrical premiere just days away, could his next project be The Incredibles 2? According to Collider, who recently interviewed the director, “Yeah it feels like it to me, yeah”. Continuing the interview, Bird was asked about the current status of the script.

Collider: Does [the script] have pages yet?

Brad Bird: Oh yeah I have pages, a bunch of pages. I had a lot of ideas for the original Incredibles that I didn’t get a chance to use, that I like. I have ideas that I wanted to pursue a little bit and there wasn’t enough time in Incredibles. There are new ideas I have, and I think there are enough of those together to make an interesting movie. I’m just focusing on getting Tomorrowland out into the world and playing with the Incredibles sandbox again.

While the film is in its infancy we look forward to hearing more details as the process continues. Be sure to share your thoughts on The Incredibles 2 with other Pixar fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

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