‘Inside Out’ Trailer & TV Spots Featuring Bing Bong & A Few Easter Eggs

Bing Bong in Inside Out

A set of Inside Out TV spots and a Russian language trailer were recently released and feature a few new looks at Riley’s confectionery-inspired imaginary friend, Bing Bong, as well as a hidden-item tribute to Finding Nemo.

On the official Russian Disney YouTube channel, the full-length trailer contains new footage (starting at 1:26 into the trailer) as well as the Nemo Easter Egg. The hidden item is a board game called “Find Me” with an image of Nemo on the box. Additionally, one could assume that the board game titled, “Dinosaur World” below the “Find Me” box could be a nod to The Good Dinosaur, but this one isn’t as obvious. Finally, as we first spotted in the Spanish version of the trailer, you get another look at the playing cards which feature Riley and her Parents as characters on the cards.

Inside Out Finding Nemo Easter Egg
Bing Bong in Inside Out playing cards

The two TV spots ring in at 30-seconds each and showcase a few new moments shared between Bing Bong, Joy and Sadness.

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