Episode 035 of the Pixar Post Podcast – Our Film Review of ‘Inside Out’ & Interview with Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera

Pixar Post Podcast episode 35

In episode 035 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we chat about Pixar news updates as well as discuss a multitude of details from our visit to Pixar Animation Studios for the Inside Out press event. We share our thoughts on the film (spoiler-free) and share audio from the roundtable discussion with Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera. Below are our show notes from the episode with time codes for your reference:

Pixar News

  • Starting at 2:08 into the podcast, we kick off by discussion the Disney deal which extends IMAX distribution of Disney•Pixar films through 2017 – which means we’ll get Finding Dory and Toy Story 4 on an even bigger, big screen. We also chatted briefly about a fun post we did that highlighted the songs from the Inside Out trailers.
  • At 3:36 into the show, we chat about (and include audio from) an interview that Brad Bird had with NPR where he briefly discussed that he was starting writing The Incredibles 2 as well as gave the audience a taste of his brilliant vocal work for Edna Mode.
  • At 8:37, we chat about an update to the Disney Inquizitive app and it’s recent update with more quizzes – and we give Julie a live test on-air about her Pixar movie line knowledge.
Inside Out press event
Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera discuss the filmmaking process

Inside Out Press Event Details & Roundtable Interview

  • Starting at 10:58 into the podcast – We chat about our experience at the Pixar Press Event for Inside Out. We discuss our thoughts on the experience, the film itself (with a breakdown of some of the characters – spoiler-free), a discussion of the easter eggs that we’ve already spotted, our time meeting the cast and crew of the film and finally we include audio from our interview with Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera (starting at 46:40 into the show).
Inside Out press event
Pete Docter, Jonas Rivera, Andrea Warren & Jim Murphy

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the episode below and stay tuned as we’ll be releasing audio from all of our group and one-on-one interviews from the press event with even more tips, details, and more regarding Inside Out.

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  1. Hey Mike – Yeah, for the group sessions (only) Derrick and I were in the same interview group so we'll have matching audio. The one-on-one sessions will of course be different! 🙂 I hope the additional insights and movie review we posted help bring a different view to the show!

  2. Wow, just a great episode!! So much goodness in the roundtable, I could go on and on. Just loved the humor and the humility of Pete and Jonas, the stories of their inspiration, listening to them talk about Dumbo and Joe Grant, Ollie and Frank. And it was obvious from your discussion the impact it had on you. Can't wait to hear the rest of your interviews and get more of your insights into the making of this film.

  3. Thanks, Jeff! It was a very amazing session and I was definitely impacted by the whole 2-day event (so I'm glad that comes across in the podcast)!

  4. The IMAX news makes me especially happy. I used to take it for granted that Pixar and Disney movies were just going to be given automatic mega screen service, but nope! They have to pay like everyone else. Learned this the hard way with Big Hero 6

  5. Yeah, we were really excited for this as well – I think it will be great to experience the films this way. That's funny about Big Hero 6 (and how you \”learned it the hard way\”)! Ha!

  6. [Last November]Me: Two tickets for the IMAX screening of Big Hero 6!AMC: Sorry, we're not showing Big Hero in IMAX. Me: What? AMC: Yeah, only Interstellar is getting IMAX treatment.Me: WHY???AMC: Well you see large theater projects only go to live action \”Adult\” blockbusters as general audiences aren't interested in paying extra for animated films and frankly we fully expect that film to under perform…..They might not have said that last part, but it definitely felt like that.

  7. Great podcast, guys! That was an incredible roundtable discussion. So interesting to here about the history and development of the film, its drastically different with every film they make! I am glad about how positive you were about Bing Bong, as I have been on the fence about this character up until now. As a last note: I always draw when I listen to your podcasts. Hearing you two talk about Pixar and all that actually makes me draw better than usual! Your enthusiasm can be seen through your tones of voices. 🙂

  8. Wow! That's amazing feedback and thank you for the kind note about our enthusiasm! I'm so glad you sketch while you listen as well – that's really great!I hope Bing Bong connects with you too! I found him to be so much fun with this underlying sadness that you can't help but be endeared to him!

  9. Thanks so much, Bob! We're very, very excited for \”The Good Dinosaur\” as well! It's going to be so great to not have to wait so long for the next Pixar movie to come after \”Inside Out\”.

  10. What are the names of the musics in trailers of inside out that i heard you talk about in this podcast ? 🙂

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