Get a Sneak Peek at Some Early ‘Inside Out’ Easter Eggs & Fun Facts

Inside Out Joy in long-term Memory

Do you love to spot out hidden references or Easter Eggs within Pixar films? Would you like to have a sneak peek to help spot these items in Inside Out? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’re in luck. Pixar has released an official ‘Fun Fact’ list for fans to preview well in advance of the theatrical release of Inside Out. The official list does not include iconic Easter Egg finds such as the Pizza Planet Truck or the famed A-113 – allowing fans to spot those items on their own without guidance.

PICTURE THIS – The background memories on shelves inside or outside of Headquarters are shots from the “Married Life” scene in “Up.”

ROAD TRIP – As Riley and her parents trek to San Francisco, they come across birds on a telephone wire from production designer Ralph Eggleston’s 2000 short film “For the Birds.”

For the Birds Screencap

GLOBAL DÉCOR – The globe in Riley’s classroom has been used in all the “Toy Story” films.

FAMILIAR FASHION – One of Riley’s classmates is wearing a camo pattern made up of “Toy Story” characters.

STUCK ON YOU – The background city cars of San Francisco all have bumper stickers from “Cars.”

TECH SAVVY – Dad’s company, Brang, is a nonsense word intended to sound like a startup that would fit in in the San Francisco tech scene.

SIGN HERE – A sign on a parking meter in San Francisco reads, “Quarters and Dollar Coins or Barter During Burning Man.”

IT’S ALL ABOUT LOCATION – As a tribute to the Walt Disney Family Museum, the filmmakers set Riley’s hockey rink in the exact spot the museum is located in San Francisco.

While this list is just a small look at the Easter Eggs and hidden references within the film, it’s great to start getting your mind in gear for the June 19, 2015, theatrical release. Of the items mentioned above, we’re personally excited to catch a glimpse of the Cars bumper stickers the most – closely followed by the For The Birds gang. What are you looking forward to spotting? Share your thoughts with other Pixar fans in The Pixar Post Forum.

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