What Is That Song Called? The ‘Inside Out’ Trailer Song List

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Whether it’s the smooth bass line of Aerosmith’s, Sweet Emotion, or the sing-along chants from Tim Myers’, April: It’s My Life, people have consistently been asking, “What’s the name of that song?” when chatting about the various Inside Out trailers. Look no further, we’ve compiled a list of the known tracks so you can dive right in and start nodding your head.

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Featured Songs:

  • 0:06 – 0:55 – Sencit Music – Brand New Day. Sencit specializes in the creation of music specifically for trailers and the track can be heard on YouTube.
  • 0:56 – 1:39 – Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion. The classic rock track with an unforgettable bass riff can be found on Amazon, Apple Music or Spotify.


Featured Songs:

  • 0:56 – 2:12 – Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – Keep On Looking (Kenny Dope Remix). The soul track can be found on Amazon, Apple Music or Spotify.


Featured Songs:

  • 0:00 – 0:58 – Kathryn Ostenberg – Spread My Wings. The mandolin-inspired track can be found on Amazon, Apple Music or Spotify.
  • 1:01 – 2:25 – Boston – More Than A Feeling. The classic rock track can be found on Amazon, Apple Music or Spotify.


Featured Songs:

  • 0:00 – 0:20 – Michael Giacchino – Bundle of Joy. The emotional soft piano is another brilliant work of Giacchino’s and is featured in the opening moments of the film. As of now, it is not able to be purchased, but the official Disney•Pixar Instagram account posted a photo of the sheet music.
  • 0:24 – 1:07 – Instrumental song during this portion currently unknown – do you know, let us know.
  • 1:09 – 2:22 – Tim Myers – April: It’s My Life. The pop song that drives the end of the trailer can be found on Amazon, Apple Music or Spotify.


Featured Song:

The additional teasers (“Madness” TV Spot and “Meet” TV Spot) both feature Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion (as mentioned above) and the Japanese trailer features the same tracks as the Spanish Trailer (with the possible exception of 1:03 – 1:13 which sounds like it could be a different track from the prior instrumental song).

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  1. In the japanese tariler in 1:03 – 1:13 there is a 10 seconds of other instrumental song ,maybe a giachino score also ..

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