Two New ‘Inside Out’ International Toolkits Highlight Pixar’s Versatility – Updated

Inside Out joy and sadness

A new International Toolkit for Inside Out has just been released (via PixarInsideOut Tumblr – UPDATED: This account is no longer active)), this one featuring Joy as her bubbly self trying to cheer up Sadness.

While the clip is short in length, the amount of detail that is shown is mind-blowing. The incredible animation showcasing the “squash and stretch” style really highlights the talent and versatility of Pixar animators. If you look closely, you’ll notice tiny glittery (pixie dust-like) particles fall from the duo as Joy happily bounces out of frame with Sadness in tow. It’s tiny details like this that excite us – we can’t wait to see more!

UPDATED: Unfortunately, all links have been removed.

Earlier this month the first character toolkit (as seen below) was released on the Disney Channel featuring Joy and Fear (which we uploaded to our YouTube channel) – making us wonder if we will see clips with each character in the near future.

Additionally, the previously released toolkit animations have also been added below for reference.

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