Let’s Draw Inside Out – Fan Art Wrap Up For January

Inside Out Joy Fan Art

What’s a great way to have some fun while you have to wait tirelessly for Inside Out to hit theaters? Of course, there are many things you could do to pass the time until the June 19, 2015 release date, but rather than sit back and coast, we’d like you to join us in a fan art series titled, “Let’s Draw Inside Out“.

The Let’s Draw Inside Out series was suggested by Pixar Post Forum user PIX-R.113 and we loved the idea so much we created many sub-forums in anticipation of you, the artist, submitting your creations in a monthly format surrounding Inside Out.

The series is broken down by month to allow you to draw, sculpt or create fan artwork for each of the film’s main characters before the film is released –

  • Joy – January 2015
  • Fear – February
  • Disgust – March
  • Anger – April
  • Sadness – May
  • Bing Bong – June 1-18
  • Riley – June 19-30

Since January wrapped up with Joy, we thought we’d summarize some of the artwork that our readers submitted, not only to showcase the work but also to inspire you to join along and start thinking of how you would create a fan art piece for Fear in February. You can display your artwork on the Pixar Post Forum page dedicated to the Let’s Draw Inside Out series. Check out some samples below from artists of all levels, ages, and styles.

What a great group of artwork – keep in mind that this is only a sampling of the pieces which were included in the forum – check the full list of Joy-themed artwork.

Planning to join us to draw Fear in the month of February? Be sure to start creating your work now and then include your piece here.

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  1. Thanks for including me here on the post. I hope we get a bunch more people to get involved over the next few months!

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