‘Inside Out’ at the Super-Bowl and the Puppy Bowl – Updated

Inside Out Puppy Bowl

Although the Super Bowl may be the biggest football game of the year for fans across the United States, we’re more excited for a teaser that Pixar recently revealed for Inside Out which coincides with the “big game.” Yesterday, the official Inside Out Twitter feed tweeted, “Follow #InsideOut tomorrow during the Big Game.

Now, we assume that this will mean that the emotions will be live-tweeting during the Super Bowl, but it could also mean that the emotions will be tweeting during the Animal Planet “Puppy Bowl” (airing at 3:00 PM local time February 1, 2015) since they have also been cross-promoting that event as well with the advertisements below.

Inside Out Puppy Bowl

Be sure to follow along on Twitter and get ready for some hilarity as the emotions chat back and forth about the stress and fun of the game – sounds like a great time! Thanks to our great forum users mynameiskhannie maxxie03 for noting the Headquarters Twitter account and Puppy Bowl teasers!

Inside Out Puppy Bowl clip

UPDATED – Once the Puppy Bowl got underway, we were eagerly awaiting any new clips. The first sneak peek for Inside Out highlighted the second trailer which had been seen previously. We were excited when the second sneak peek popped up because we were able to get a few new looks at the emotions showing off their…well…emotions in headquarters, along with a very brief clip of Riley seated on a couch watching television.

The third sneak peek was also very similar to a previously released look at the emotions, but this time showed Disgust with what appears to be broccoli stuck in her teeth and Anger, shouting, “What!” while looking back at the camera.

Inside Out Puppy Bowl clip

Watch the new clips below which we uploaded to our Pixar Post YouTube channel. Let us know your thoughts – leave a comment below or join in the conversation on the Pixar Post Forum page dedicated to the Puppy Bowl.

UPDATED: As expected, the team at Pixar also pulled off some really humorous and topical tweets utilizing the emotions from Inside Out during the Super Bowl. We decided to include a few of our favorites, but be sure to check out the rest of the entries on the Twitter Headquarters page and let us know what your favorite post was this evening in the comments below or on the Pixar Post Forum.

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  1. I just saw a ad on the Puppy Bowl saying \”stay tuned for a sneak preview of Disney Pixars Inside Out!\” during this, it showed some great shots much like in the first teaser trailer, with the Emotions shooting up– but they were new animations! I know its no big deal, but it was just so cool… Disgust yawned!

  2. What a nice surprise it was to think we were being let down with no new clips after the first break (since it was the second trailer) and then all the sudden we got a few additional peeks! Can't wait to see what else the Pixar team does with the @headquarters Twitter account tonight during the Super Bowl. I bet we'll get a few new stills as well!

  3. When do you think we will see a second official trailer for Inside Out? And do you think we will see The Good Dinosaur and Finding Dory teaser in front of Inside Out in the theater?

  4. Oh man – it's tough to really guess. Obviously we know it will be sooner rather than later, but I'd hate to guess without having any real info behind it. I'm also not sure about The Good Dinosaur or Finding Dory, but I do feel like we'll get a The Good Dinosaur teaser in front of Inside Out.

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