Michael Giacchino Is Hard At Work On The ‘Inside Out’ Recording Sessions – Updated

Michael Giacchino working on Inside Out Score

Inside Out is less than five months away from its North American release (June 19, 2015) and as all the final pieces are falling into place, we’re getting glimpses of the film, product announcements, and even sneak peeks at the final score. Today, famed film composer (and Pixar veteran composer) Michael Giacchino posted a few photos and a video with Inside Out director Pete Docter at the Warner Eastwood Scoring Stage. In the video shown below you can even hear a sneak peek of the Inside Out score behind Michael’s…uh…snoring! I guess there’s no better time to catch some shuteye when you’re exhausted!

Thanks to Nick S. for the heads up on Instagram.

Updated – January 27, 2015

Our Pixar Post Forum user mynameiskhannie just posted an incredible article from one of the studio musicians working on Inside Out. It’s a detailed ‘inside’ look at how the orchestration is conducted for the film and it’s completely spoiler-free!

First thing Monday morning, Michael Giacchino (the film’s composer) went up to the podium with Pete Docter (the director) and his colleagues to greet the orchestra and tell us about the film. Pete started by telling us the general storyline, then talked about his own daughter (who had a speaking part in UP), and the way kids grow up. He then wanted to show us the film’s opening before we started recording.

To read the full article visit the Pixar Post Forum.

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  1. This score is gonna be beautiful – I can just tell already! I mean, the guy behind the music in UP? Come on… 😉 I love how the video behind him seems to be the end credits with the colored circles floating around! That's what I feel their scoring here in the vid. Man, is this film gonna have heart. So exciting!

  2. Absolutely! All his work with Pixar has been outstanding. I only mention UP because, given that the piece we hear in the background is softer and more melodic, I'm reminded more of UP (or Ratatouille) compared to Cars 2 or The Incredibles.And I completely agree with you that (from the podcast) this is the 2nd half of the credits when the music mellows out a bit. I actually thought of the same thing myself!

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