Michael Giacchino to Score Inside Out

Michael Giacchino to Score Inside Out

Michael Giacchino, the brilliant mastermind behind the beautiful scores of Pixar’s, La LunaUp and Ratatouille (among many others) has recently revealed that he will be scoring Inside Out for the studio as well. During a pre-concert question and answer session on May 24 for the Star Trek Into Darkness: Live to Projection session (held at the KKL Lucerne concert hall in Switzerland), the moderator asked Giacchino what he was going to be working on next. As expected, Michael is quite busy, and after some initial comments mentioned…

â€ĶI’m going to go onto a film called Tomorrowland directed by Brad Bird and that has George Clooney in it. And then after that I go onto a film called Inside Out which is directed by Pete Docter, who did the movie Up for Pixar and then after that I go right onto Jurassic World, so basically I’m working from now until next May.

Michael Giacchino
Michael Giacchino Star Trek live concert
Photo courtesy of Michael Giacchino’s Instagram

Michael had previously alluded to the fact that he was working on an unannounced Pixar project and now that it is confirmed, it’s another exciting piece of news as we eagerly await a trailer for Pixar’s though-provoking film, Inside Out. To read more details regarding Inside Out, as well as the official plot synopsis, be sure to read our post from early in April.

Thanks to our reader Julian for the heads up on this news.

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  • (2004) The Incredibles
  • (2005) One Man Band
  • (2005) Jack Jack Attack
  • (2006) Lifted
  • (2007) Ratatouille
  • (2009) Up
  • (2009) Partly Cloudy
  • (2009) Dug’s Special Mission
  • (2009) George & AJ
  • (2010) Day and Night
  • (2011) Cars 2
  • (2012) La Luna
  • (2013) Toy Story of TERROR!
  • (2014) Ratatouille: The Adventure (ride score)
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  1. Yes! I'm so excited to see what he does with it. His scores in general are OK but when we does a Pixar film…he never ceases to amaze me! I mean seriously…the main themes in the Incredibles, Up, Ratatouille and Cars 2? Plus all the awesome short films hes done? Amazing! He knows all to pull all the stops with memorable themes with fun, humor, heart and emotion. SOLID GOLD. It's crazy how man Pixar films and shorts he's done. He's by far done more Pixar films than any other composer, obviously, but it's crazy cool to see them all listed out there. He seems to be the number one choice there these days!

  2. It is crazy to think how much he's worked there – and basically from the beginnings of his career! I think he's a fast worker that has a really upbeat attitude – that's one of the reasons I think he gets so much work across the industry (and especially within Pixar). I have no idea how you can create so many amazing themes like he does in such a short time (like other composers as well). Additionally, you're right about the feeling he creates for Pixar films – although he says there's no difference in scoring for live-action or animation, I truly can hear the difference in his scores. I think animation allows him to open up his creativity a bit more because of the genre and it shines through – at least in my opinion that is! 🙂 Oh, and happy birthday again, Dan!

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