Inside Out New Logo & Details from the Annecy International Film Festival with Pete Docter – Updated

Inside Out Logo

Initial details surrounding Pete Docter’s Inside Out presentation at the 2014 Annecy International Film Festival have been popping up online early this morning. So far, we have spotted what appears to be the new logo for the film (shown above) as well as a pre-printed concept drawing of Joy and Sadness that was given to attendees of the festival.  As always, be sure to chat about today’s news in the Forum as well and share your thoughts on the movie.

Inside Out Annecy Film Festival
Inside Out logo from the Disney France Instagram

Update – This french article from Cloneweb (a French movie site) mentions some of the details of the screening. We have summarized the translated notes below.

  • An approximately 5-minute clip was shown of the introduction of the movie showcasing the birth of Riley and showcasing her early years as she experiences her emotions (Fear, Anger, Sadness, Joy and Disgust). The article also mentions that you can feel Riley’s tastebuds as she tried broccoli for the first time (and she doesn’t enjoy it).
  • It was also noted from the presentation that Riley, although a character in the movie, serves the story in the same way Andy does in Toy Story. She’s the conduit to get us into the story of the emotions inside.
Inside Out Annecy Concept Art
Courtesy of Hayleyanimates’ Instagram

Update – We also spotted this Inside Out poster from a festival attendee as well showcasing the new logo.

Inside Out Annecy Poster
Courtesy of Premiere Instagram

Update – Additional details from Pete Docter’s speech have been added (and translated) from the official Disney France Twitter feed.

  • “I wanted to take the audience to a place where they had never been.” – Pete Docter
  • The history of Inside Out happens in the mind. Not in the brain, but rather the consciousness and memories.
  • Pixar met with psychologists to work on the film, but it is mainly based personal experiences.
Inside Out characters concept art in headquarters

Additional notes have been summarized from the Pixar Planet France post regarding the event as well. Thanks to Fabien for being in attendance to share this news with us.

  • Pete Docter’s daughter, Ellie, was the basis for the character of Riley and they have some physical similarities.
  • In the 5-minute clip shown at the festival, you can spot the famed Luxo Jr. ball.
  • The headquarters is understandably, high-tech but they rest of the human mind is very wacky with different personalities that are represented by small towns (such as “Fantasy Land”).
  • All memories are stored in globes representing the color of their corresponding emotion.
  • Each evening, the memory globes are routed into long term memory which is where Riley’s personality forms.

Variety article also summarized a few points from the festival as well:

  • Docter mentioned in an interview that, “I thought I was making a film about my daughter, but the truth is, I’m more making a film about myself in relation to my daughter and understanding that. The film is told from a parent’s point of view, and being a parent, I just sort of slipped into that, I guess. It’s definitely made me think again about the way I grew up, my adolescence, and even on a day-to-day basis what I’m doing and why.”
  • Another area that was expanded on in the article (from earlier references above) was a discussion about two of Riley’s emotions.
    • Joy and Sadness put aside their differences and take audiences through a tour of Riley’s thinking process. This epic road trip entails crossing such areas as Imagination Land (“a giant amusement park full of everything Riley has ever daydreamed about”), a movie studio where nightmares are made, the Train of Thought (a free-ranging locomotive that can go zooming off in any direction) and Abstract Thought — the zone Docter had the most fun translating to the screen.

Below are a few photos of Pete around the festival.

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