Episode 028 of the Pixar Post Podcast – Our interview with Pixarian Chloé Kloezeman, Radiator Springs 500½ & much more

Pixar Post Podcast 28

In episode 028 of the Pixar Post Podcast we discuss:

Pixar News of the Week

  • We kick off by discussing the announcement of Michael Giacchino scoring Inside Out. With included audio from the pre-concert Q&A session where Michael discussed the project to the rumors of another composer who may have been scoring Inside Out as well, we chat about our thoughts on the news.
  • Pixar Post Book Club news – we announce that we’ll be delaying the video wrap up discussion of the book by one week to allow more readers a chance to catch up. Our full video discussion will now take place on June 4, 2014. Stay tuned for more details.
  • Star Wars weekend just passed at the Disney Parks and another set of Pixar die cast Cars characters have been released. We chat about the set and ways that you can purchase the cars even if you’re not able to make it to the park.
  • Toy Story of TERROR! was recently announced to be released on Blu Ray / DVD / Digital on August 19 – we chat all about the special features and our excitement to dig into more of the behind-the-scenes moments.

Part Two of The Pixar Pipeline Project

  • Starting at 17:00 into the podcast – We are excited to bring our second interview as part of the Pixar Pipeline Project. The Project is a nine-part series of Pixar interviews which will allow us to follow the path of a Pixar movie through it’s journey from story to screen. 
  • Our second interview is with Chloé Kloezeman from Pixar’s editorial department. We chat about everything from her work on Toy Story of TERROR!, to her journey to Pixar and some really amazing insights into the workflow and processes within the editorial team.
  • We also chat about our fun conversation with Chloé after the main interview with a fun crew easter egg from Toy Story of TERROR!
Chloe Kloezeman Pixar
Chloe Kloezeman image © Pixar

Radiator Springs 500½ Discussion & Review

  • Starting at 45:00 into the show – We chat about our take and review on the newest Cars Toons short, Radiator Springs 500½.
  • We discuss our reader’s ratings of the short as well as the elements that really shined (the color and lighting) as well as the trickier moments (the fast-paced nature of the short).
  • We also cover an amazing correlation that our forum user came up with and how a certain deleted scene from Cars might have been an inspiration for the Baja race scene.

Looking at The Next Podcast

  • Starting at 01:05:03 into the show – At the top of the show, we discussed Toy Story of TERROR! coming out on Blu Ray, but we dig back into the special features for a few we forgot to mention.
  • Additionally, we chat about a topic that we’re working on for our next podcast – Inside Out. What is the new technology that was used and is there a certain connection to an early 90’s television show called Herman’s HeadBe sure to include your comments and we may include your thoughts as a part of our next show.

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  1. Another great episode T.J. and Julie! I'm really enjoying the Pixar Pipeline Project interviews, as I'm sure many listeners are! I knew there was a lot that went into editing but didn't realize the depth until this interview with Chloe – getting sound effects, recording scratch and transcribing dialog, etc. I also thought Chloe had an insightful comment when she said having her first job in LA and then moving to Pixar really showed her how good it is there. That makes a lot of sense, if you were lucky enough to go right from college to Pixar, you wouldn't realize how different and special it is there. Anyways, I'm really looking forward to the remaining interviews!!

  2. I agree with you Jeff, these interviews are great! I can hardly wait till the next! Also, I bet most racecars aren't very good with directions, since they only go on racetracks, and those are not to hard to navigate. And, Lightning in particular does not have a good sense of it since he takes the wrong road to try to get back on the interstate in the first film. Thanks for giving Creativity, inc. another week, and thanks for giving Dan, Pricklepants, and I a nod in the podcast. Looking forward to 29!

  3. Hey Jeff – we're glad you're enjoying the Pipeline series. I have to agree that I had no clue how much the editing department had a hand in shaping their films from the beginning to end. We're excited to bring the next interview in line coming soon – up next, the Art department! 🙂

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