First Look: Party Central Theatrical Poster Revealed & Additional Clip Released

Party Central Poster

Today we have been treated to a new clip from Pixar’s newest short Party Central as well as a preview of the short’s theatrical poster. This highly anticipated short is an energetic experience with an original twist on the fraternity and college parties that we all remember.

Party Central Screencap

The new clip showcases how the Oozma Kappa brothers gather their own crowd to create the party of the year! While the clip is less than a minute in length it does feature one of our favorite lines from the film – delivered from the blue monster pictured above stating how a girl at the party couldn’t keep her eyes off of him (all five eyes that is).

One thing that we noticed on the poster was the text, “a Monsters University short”, allowing for speculation that perhaps this will be the first of many Monsters University Toons (similar to the Toy Story and Cars Toons). We have discussed the idea of Pixar continuing the MU franchise and diving into more storylines with these beloved characters on The Pixar Post Podcast and we can only hope that we will be able to revisit the MU Campus in another future short.

Party Central will be released on March 21, 2014, ahead of Muppets Most Wanted.  Be sure to share your thoughts on the new clip and poster in The Pixar Post Forum.

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  1. Love the clips, poster and everything I've seen for this so far so I can't wait!! This was yet another tease…2 weeks from today though! But then I'll want to see it again right after but won't be able to since I doubt I'll be going to the Muppets 4 or 5 times just to rewatch the short 🙂 Will look forward to any news of dvd release!

  2. I know, between Party Central, Toy Story That Time Forgot, Radiator Springs 500.5 and To Serve and Protect, it's not turning out to be Pixar-less year after all! 🙂 Sure, a feature would be nice, but we can't be greedy!

  3. This is one of the reasons that I want to see The Muppets 2, a year is not a complete year without a Pixar dose!

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