PartySaurus Rex eBook Now Available

Pixar Partysaurus Rex Book

Fans of the Pixar short PartySaurus Rex will be excited to learn that an eBook based on the bath time rave party is now available.

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Released on February 11th, the eBook retails for only $3.99 and is 24 pages of vibrant stills from the short – including read-along audio (on Apple Books).

Disney Press enhanced the look of the book by creating a vibrant combination of color, sizes, and fonts when it came to the text of the book – we feel that this only adds to the excitement and party feel of the storyline.

The book flows effortlessly and stays true to the original short – although there is one important line that is missing from the eBook – the ever-iconic, “What up Fishes?!” While the line is omitted from the story, it was great to see it included on the back cover.

Pixar Partysaurus Rex book what up fishes

As a side note, this book was originally scheduled for a print release (January 2014) but was canceled just before it hit shelves (prior to the digital version even being announced). We’re so happy that the digital version has been released and the iPad might be even better than the print version could have been – the saturated colors and hilarious screenshots really pop on the iPad’s screen. All we can say now is grab your iPad and read along as Rex parties in this sudsy adventure…oh, but don’t read it in the tub in case you drop it in the water!

Be sure to pick up the Disney Press Partysaurus Rex digital book on Amazon or Apple Books.

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  1. That's great feedback Dan – it's easy to get swept up with the digital revolution, but sometimes it's best to step back and think about physical releases as well.

  2. Looks like an awesome book and want to support this amazing short but wish they kept it with a tangible release as well since I don't have a tablet. Great write up-\”We love Partysaurus Rex!\” ; )

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