Monsters University Scaring Eduction Clip – WSJ Exclusive (UPDATED)

Monsters University Scaring Education WSJ Clip

Wall Street Journal’s own Barbara Chai has just uploaded an exclusive article and clip from the upcoming film Monsters University that highlights the growing rivalry between Mike and Sulley. As Professor Knight calls for a “common crouch” position in Scaring 101, he walks up and down evaluating the monsters in a stern tone.

Achieving this tone was the intention of the film’s co-writer, Robert Baird, who said, “In some ways, because he’s a scaring teacher, we wanted to infuse him with a drill sergeant mentality, because scaring is theory but it also is physical discipline”For more details and additional comments from Baird, be sure to read the entire Wall Street Journal article.

UPDATED: After reviewing the clip and the online article, I also noticed a print article in today’s WSJ. Be sure to check out the June 3, 2013 article (also by Barbara Chai) titled, Big Boogeymen on Campus for additional details on the movie as well as an interview with Dan Scanlon.

The article talks briefly about Dan’s own college experience as well as Pixar’s research trips to three college campuses to gather details and allow the Pixar artists to get that college feel again. Along their campus tour, “They noticed that college students were, by and large, stressed out, and wanted the film to convey the same feeling”.

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  1. Ha, thanks for the heads-up! I had to go back and dig through my office's recycle bin to find yesterday WSJ! Good thing they didn't empty the bin yet. Will read the whole thing tonight!

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