Confirmed – Pete Docter’s next film to be titled "Inside Out", Facebook page and Synopsis

Inside Out Concept Art

A short while ago, we noticed that the official Disney Pixar Facebook page posted an official confirmation that Pete Docter’s next Pixar release is titled Inside Out (this was rumored to be the title previously, but was unconfirmed until now). Additionally, we had known the official release date (June 19, 2015) from the 2012 CinemaCon announcement, but it’s nice to reconfirm that the date hasn’t been altered over the last year or working on the film.

Although the page is just a holding place at this time, you can now also like the official Inside Out Facebook page by clicking here.

Synopsis – Although the official synopsis was also released at the 2012 CinemaCon, we wanted to include it in this post again to refresh the news of Inside Out.

Pixar takes audiences on incredible journeys into extraordinary worlds: from the darkest depths of the ocean to the top of the tepui mountains in South America; from the fictional metropolis of Monstropolis to a futuristic fantasy of outer space. From director Pete Docter (Up, Monsters, Inc.) and producer Jonas Rivera (Up), the inventive new film will take you to a place that everyone knows, but no one has ever seen: the world inside the human mind.

Finally, John Lasseter was quoted in an interview on Bleeding Cool back in June of 2012,(UPDATED: The link is has been removed since it is no longer active) that, “Pete Docter… is working on the next one. We don’t have the title for it yet, but it takes place in the mind. Pete has this way of constantly trying to figure out something that we’re all familiar with in some way… he’s constantly looking for these kinds of things. You look at people oftentimes and they do something to make you go “What are they thinking?” or it’s like how a song gets stuck in your head and you just can’t get it out. Little quirky things like this that we all do. Certain emotions just seem to take us over, anger or happiness, where you start giggling and laughing and you can’t stop. He thought “I want to take a look at that, explain that.” His idea is that the emotions of this little girl are the characters and it takes place in the head of this little girl and shows how they control things that go on. It’s very, very clever and it’s truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen, yet it explains things you’ve seen.”

I know John can sell anything with his excitement, but the idea of going inside the mind seems so inventive, explorative, and enticing that I cannot wait to see how Docter may interpret what quirky things are going on inside our minds!

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