Episode 007 of the Pixar Post Podcast

The Blue Umbrella Saschka Unseld Interview
Photo of Saschka Unseld © Pixar Studios

In episode 007 of the Pixar Post Podcast we discuss:

  • A brief discussion about the announcement of the Ratatouille ride in Disney Land Paris.
  • A brief discussion of the Toy Story: Smash It! iOS game.
  • Our exclusive interview with The Blue Umbrella Director, Saschka Unseld – in fact, we’re premiering the interview in its entirety in our podcast – click here to read the transcription from our interview. Because we were so anxious to share the extremely insightful interview with Saschka, our initial topics of the podcast only lasted about two-to-three minutes. In the interview we discuss:
    • How much we loved the short film – we saw it in its entirety today.
    • His photography and its simplistic beauty.
    • The idea behind the film and how it came to be.
    • The technology behind the short, along with technological challenges.
    • The astounding natural camera work that added to the realism.
    • Some of the characters’ names – yup, there’s a character named Gutsy (spelling may be incorrect)!
    • The process of creating the sounds in the short.
    • Finally, we asked Saschka about how Jon Brion and Sarah Jaffe were selected to work on the soundtrack.

Wow, what an interview – anytime we can gain such amazing insight into the process of making a film, we’re blown away. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt that Saschka was so easy to talk to – we jumped right in like we were sitting in a coffee shop having a casual conversation. Thank you to Saschka, the entire The Blue Umbrella team, and Pixar for their magnificent short and for letting us talk about it with them.

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  1. I loved the interview with Saschka! The film sounds amazing, I'm sure it'll blow me away. I really liked hearing about the foley sessions and the background sounds. Some of Pixar's early films came with a \”background sound only\” option with no voices or music, I loved watching the films in that mode, there's so much depth in the sound. Too bad they quit providing that track on the DVDs/blu-rays.

  2. Hey Jeff, You're right – they should bring back the \”background sound only\” track. The foley sessions always blow me away too – no matter what project it's in regards to (movie, TV show, whatever). Glad you liked the interview as well – Saschka made it easy on us for sure!The Blue Umbrella will blow you away for sure – visually it's unlike anything that Pixar has done – emotionally, it evokes a bit of Wall-E!

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