Dave Petersen’s Brave Silkscreen Poster

Brave Dave Petersen Silkscreen Poster

On February 26, the famed Mondo Tees and Pixar worked together with artist (and Mouse Guard creator) David Petersen to create a new Brave silkscreen print that was to be released just after Brave‘s win at the Academy Awards – yes, minutes after.

David’s blog post surrounding the process of creating and designing the poster was really enlightening to the process of layering colors and the extra organization that takes place for a more complex silkscreen print. I’m sure it was an amazing learning experience. He even included an animated gif that simulated the layering process for creating the poster.

Brave Dave Petersen Silkscreen Poster

Not surprisingly, as we have noted before with Mondo silkscreen posters, the 24″ x 36″ hand-signed, limited edition of 330 posters sold out in mere minutes.

Be sure to check out David’s post on his blog for more details as well as his original rendition of the poster before Pixar had a chance to comment on the image – he even noted that “Normally, I’ve found that suggestions given to an artist on approvals for a licensed property are 80% silly and unnecessary. The folks at Pixar though…were 100% right and helped me make a much better finished product.”

Congratulations to David on this great piece – if you haven’t seen our previous post with our additional framed Pixar silkscreen artwork, you can read it here.

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