Our Most Recent Custom Partysaurus Rex

Custom Partysaurus Rex Toy

Many of our readers know that we were nuts over Mark Walsh’s short film, PartySaurus Rex. Heck, we even took our custom Partysaurus all over the place and created the Twitter hashtag #followrex so people could see Rex’s journey. Well, Mark received a special package from us today…with…you guessed it, his own custom Partysaurus (made by Julie).

We took official photos of our Rex before we sent it to him but didn’t want to reveal them until he was able to see the toy himself. Check it out and follow Mark on Twitter for a lot more of his photos interacting with Rex.

In the box we also included a set of Glow Sticks as well as additional bracelets and necklaces with PartySaurus Rex-inspired statements.

What blew our minds, even more, was when Mark tweeted a photo of our custom Rex next to Luxo Jr. (on the ball) – wow!

Partysaurus Rex toy at Pixar

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