Monsters University Four-Arm Sweatshirt – Our Four-Thumbs Up Review

Monsters University 4 Arm Sweatshirt

Earlier, in mid-October, we reviewed a slew of new Monsters University gear that was released on the amazing Monsters University website. In the last week, theUniversity store had one additional release that was too neat to pass up – a real four-armed sweatshirt! Although we make a fair amount of custom toys and gear, this is the real deal and can be found in the University Store by clicking here (UPDATED: Link removed as the website is no longer active).

After we received the slate gray sweatshirt (the University store calls it Navy, but it’s clearly gray) we knew we had to create a photo that showcased the sweatshirt with all four arms being utilized. Sadly, since we humans only have two arms, we had to utilize a bit of photo magic to make it happen – but the only thing that kept going through my head while editing the photo was, “if a monster with more than two arms gets married, do you have to buy a ring for each ring finger on the left side or is one hand the preferred ring hand”? That may be off-topic but I thought of it because of my wedding ring.

Monsters University 4 Arm Sweatshirt

We give the sweatshirt four thumbs up for its unique nature and charm – plus, we’ve found a fun Halloween costume for next year already! Be sure to pick up this sweatshirt for all the monsters in your life, or those lucky humans that already have four arms.

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