Monsters Inc in 3D Review – plus, brush up on your Monsters knowledge

Monsters, Inc 3D Movie Ticket

As we were heading into the theater, we were stunned to think that the last time we saw Monsters, Inc. in the theater was November 2, 2001 – Wow, we only had to wait 4,065 days (or, 11 years, 1 month, and 17 days) to see it again! It’s crazy how you watch the movie through different eyes now – not just because we’re 11 years older, but also because we’ve seen it so many times!

Although the movie is in 3D this time around, one thing that hasn’t changed with the movie is its sharp wittiness and amazing characters – Monsters, Inc. is such a side-splitter! The movie started with the absolutely hilarious For The Birds short (click here to read our previous post regarding the director’s commentary of the short – or – click here to view our review of the birds plush toy). The 3D looked the best near the end of the short when the feathers were floating down among all of the now-featherless birds.

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The 3D in Monsters, Inc. was awesome and really shined in two scenes for us. First, the snow scene where Sulley is sledding down the mountain to get to the small town was amazing – the snow falling near and far while Sulley was swishing left and right through the snow really translated well. Second, we have to mention the warehouse scene where the doors are being sorted – what a great way to showcase the depth of extremely close subjects and extremely far objects together. Like other Pixar movies, the 3D was very respectful and not gimmicky in any way – it really did supplement the film nicely.

If you need a little motivation to see the movie, check out this video that Disney•Pixar posted today to announce the release in theaters.

Before you go to the theaters to check out the movie again, you should also read through our write up of the director’s commentary for Monsters, Inc. – you’ll love all the little things you’ll pick up when you watch the movie again…it all plays into my earlier comment about watching the movie through different eyes now.

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  1. There wasn't a new Monsters University trailer for Monsters, Inc. 3D – perhaps they will release a new teaser shortly.Watching Monster's back on the big screen was a real treat and there are some theaters that are giving away special edition Monsters, Inc 3D glasses – talk about an added bonus!

  2. Did you guys at least get the Monsters U. \”advertisement\”? It was the first thing shown when the trailers started. It was basically a commercial advertising the school, rather than something advertising the movie. It was short and was pretty neat. We also came home with two pairs of Monsters Inc. 3D glasses as well.

  3. There was not a Monsters University \”advertisement\” shown at our theater…nuts! That's great that you were able to get the Monsters, Inc 3D glasses too, we were bummed our theater only had the standard 3D glasses. Sounds like you guys had a great time 🙂

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