Pixar Pickle – Toy Story Sketchbook – Clarifying Question For A Reader (SOLVED)

Toy Story Sketchbook Autographed Lasseter

Have a “Pixar Pickle” that you can’t seem to crack? Let us know and we’ll see what we can dig up on the issue!

SOLVED – Updated text is at the bottom of the page.

One of our great readers happened to notice (after reading our post about the book, Toy Story – The Sketchbook Series), that his version of the book didn’t exactly match ours. In what way? Well, when looking at the photos we took of our book, he noticed that ours was signed by John Lasseter and that his wasn’t signed. He got in touch with us to see if we could solve this dilemma since he’s now wondering if his is an error or a bootleg…or if ours is the “incorrect” version (it came this way when we bought it – although it was unsealed).

After some initial digging around, I couldn’t find any other information or details surrounding the book and the autograph so I thought I’d put it out to our readers since the collective brain of the Pixar fans is better than just one of us. He sent along photos of his version of the book as well as the certificate of authenticity for clarification purposes.

Let’s solve this Pixar Pickle! If you have a Pixar-related question, let us know and we’ll see what we can unearth about your Pixar quandary.

SOLVED! UPDATED 2x- November 20, 2012 at 4:59PM EST. Well, we can finally call this “Pickle” closed! In addition to writing this post on our site, we also attempted to get in touch with Applewood Books (the publisher) as well. Ms. Shultz of Applewood’s customer service department said, “We published 2,500 editions of the Toy Story Sketchbook (500 were signed editions)”. I ended up sending her a follow-up question to ask if the first 500 books were signed, or if the signatures were randomized throughout the 2,500 total edition – she responded back and said only the first 500 were signed editions. Thank you very much to Ms. Shultz and Applewood Books for the kind and quick service!

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