Additional Details and Photo of Bambino maquette from Enrico Casarosa

La Luna Bambino Maquette Statue

In our post a little over a week ago, we noted that La Luna director, Enrico Casarosa posted a photo on his Twitter page, previewing the box that the custom Bambino maquette would be released in. Today, he has posted a few additional photos and details regarding the collectible figure (we have posted his Twitter comments under each photo he tweeted as well).

In some additional conversations Enrico had, he mentioned that Bambino will only be available at the Pixar Studio Store sometime during the second week of December. He also noted that “Well they are not cheap, we made them with quality in mind, they will probably retail for a little more than a $100″. Wow, that is one high-quality maquette and you can tell that the cost is warranted since it is a limited edition of 500 and the detail is truly there – look at the minute details in Bambino’s hands (as well as the paint detailing). The stand and the box quality also lend themselves to the price.

For fans of the more traditional maquettes that are created during production, Enrico also shared the original Bambino that was created by Greg Dykstra. That is just cool!

So, what do you think? We think it’s pretty darn impressive and what a neat collectible.

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