The Art of Monsters University Book To Release June 2013

The Art of Monsters University Book Cover

UPDATE: February 28 The Art of Monsters University book has been updated on Amazon with a new and colorful cover. We had been eyeing the Amazon listing as the old cover had been removed from the site so, thanks to the keen eye of The Pixar Daily (UPDATED: Link removed as the site is no longer active) who first spotted this change.

The Art of Monsters University will be released on June 2013. As expected, the book will be the same size and format as previous “Art of” books thanks to the great publisher, Chronicle Books.

The Art of Monsters University Book Cover

Like the other “art of” books, we can’t wait to get our eyes on the pages to learn all about the great behind-the-scenes stories and artwork that helped Monsters University come to life. The 172-page book is authored by Karen Paik and the foreword will be written by the film’s director, Dan Scanlon. Finally, what would a good “art of” book be without a few words in the preface from John Lasseter and Monsters, Inc. creator Pete Docter!

Click to order the book on Amazon. Or order the original The Art of Monsters, Inc. as well.

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