Brave – For Your Consideration Academy Award Advertisement and Website

Brave Awards FYC Ad

The great folks over at Pixar Talk (UPDATED: Link removed as the site is no longer active), just posted a beautiful image (from the website Awards Daily) highlighting the “For Your Consideration” poster of Brave for the upcoming 85th annual, Academy Awards (Oscars). This doesn’t mean that Pixar’s Brave is officially nominated yet…the official nominations won’t come out until January 10, 2013, after that official voting has to take place.

The Oscars themselves will be held on Sunday, February 24, 2013, at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California. Until then, enjoy this beautiful piece of artwork highlighting a fish-hunting Merida. In case you’re wondering, the “For Your Consideration” marketing campaigns are what studios produce in order to attempt to help the process of getting their film(s) nominated by the entertainment industry.

Kudos again to Pixar Talk for this great find on the poster! After looking at the poster for a minute though, I noticed a website in the lower left-hand corner of the poster (Walt Disney Studios Awards). I was pleasantly surprised to see a site dedicated to Brave (UPDATED: Link removed, the website is no longer active) in which they highlight the movie, cast, filmmakers, music and screenplay. The site also shows a series of clips that (if you’ve followed Brave closely) you may have seen before, but there is one clip that I haven’t seen before and it was fantastic – showing the animation progress from storyboard to the final lit scene.

The site is also packed with great photos from the Pixar research trip to Scotland and even highlights a few of their photographs (showcasing how they transformed the photo through concept art).

Finally, the site gives us a peek at all of the areas that Pixar is attempting to get an official nomination for. Who wants to start the brackets now to guess what areas will be nominated and which will win!

Brave For Your Consideration Nominations
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  1. They should really push for a Best Picture nomination, IMO, since \”Up\” and \”Toy Story 3\” got them. Even though \”Brave\” got good but not great reception, I think they should still try.

  2. I was surprised (as well) that it wasn't on the nomination list, but I think they have to narrow down all of the areas to the bare minimum of where they think they'll have their best shot of getting a nomination…and winning. I'm sure it was a tough choice for them for sure!

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