Hidden Items in Brave – The Pixar Ball & A113

Pixar Brave Newt Easter Egg

Although our previous post highlighted our (very) complete review of the Brave 5-disc Ultimate Collector Edition Blu Ray, we thought it would be best to have a separate post containing the hidden items of Brave.

UPDATED November 14, 2012 – Higher resolution screenshots have been added and an additional hidden reference to Joe Ranft. The screenshots have been brightened as well as sharpened to try and bring out some additional details from the hidden items.

1) Pixar Ball – When reviewing the Blu Ray, I believe I have come across the famed Pixar Ball in wood form. If it is in fact the Pixar ball, Pixar Post would be the first blog to find the coveted ball – and we’re excited about that fact! To reference where the ball is, the first frame shows the ball tucked in a pile of other carvings (time code 00:33:33).

When the angle changes slightly, you can see it zoomed in a little closer (time code 00:33:36).

2) A113 – Thanks to the keen eye of our reader (user Gray Catbird…or, Antoine) he pointed out that there was an interview with the amazing Tia Kratter (on the Media Mikes site) posted on November 12, 2012, in which she referenced that the A113 was located above the door in the witches cottage. I swear I had looked there before and what I didn’t realize is that it ONLY appears at one angle for one shot! Sure enough, after going frame-by-frame again (looking at the outside and inside of the door) that the roman numerals of ACXIII (or A113) appeared above the door inside the cottage. It’s really faint, but if you look closely, it’s there! Thank you again to our readers and to Tia for the tip!

3) Joe Ranft Reference – Our reader (user Gray Catbird) came through again and found another article on Mashable’s site that referenced a tribute to the late, Joe Ranft. If you look closely, you can see an image of Joe’s face carved in the side of a box. I swear, when you read things like this, it really makes you wonder what else is hidden in Brave that the average viewer would never know about it unless they heard it from a Pixarian themselves!

4) Newt Reference – Pixar’s Newt may have been shelved, but many have speculated that this is a nod to the fallen film. It would make sense seeing as so many witches’ potions call for the eye of a newt (time code 00:35:06).

Pixar Brave Newt Easter Egg

5) Reference to Sulley from Monsters, Inc. / Monsters University – We can’t claim to have found the additional items in the Blu Ray as they were officially released via Disney•Pixar previously (time code 00:33:06).

What we can say though is that we noticed a similar image when reviewing the Blu Ray Extras disc 2 – check out this much clearer image of Sulley.

6) Pizza Planet Truck – Time code 00:33:10

Pixar Brave Pizza Planet Truck Easter Egg Carving
ANCIENT DELIVERY – The Witch, an eccentric crone disguised as a woodcarver specializing in whittling wooden bear figurines and conjuring haphazard spells, showcases her mysterious and inexplicable knowledge of the future with a carved figurine of the infamous Pizza Planet truck, an iconic delivery vehicle that’s appeared in nearly every full-length feature film from Pixar Animation Studios since 1995’s “Toy Story.” Disney•Pixar’s “Brave” is in theaters now. ©2012 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.
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  1. I believe Sulley is the reference to the futur Pixar movie, which in this case would be Monsters University, Sulley being a character of this film…Yesterday, I stumbled on this interview ( http://www.mediamikes.com/2012/11/pixars-tia-kratter-talks-about-working-on-brave/ )of Tia Kratter, and was quite excited to see this : \”A113 is seen in every one of our films. […] You can find that over the entry door in the Witches cottage. (but look carefully…it’s not easy to find).\”On second thought, I wonder if this is serious (Pixar employees have carefully avoided to say where A113 until now). I haven't checked it yet, but it's an interesting trail.Also… It's in Monsters, Inc., not the Incredibles, that A113 has never been spotted.

  2. Great reviews!!! Just wanted to confirm that A113 is in fact in the Incredibles when Helen looks at the monitor during her sequence, and I thought it was obvious that the biggest reference to an upcoming movie was Sulley for Monsters University.

  3. Hey – thank you very much for the link to the article! I had looked at that door jam a bunch of times and couldn't find anything – like I mentioned above I didn't realize that you can only see it at one angle for one shot (a short few frames)! Also – you're right about my original note about A113 being missing from Monsters, Inc. not The Incredibles…I call that \”doing my post too make at night\”! 🙂

  4. Hey Ben – you may be right about Sulley – I just wasn't sure since they usually like to premiere a new character in some way. I was looking for something related to The Good Dinosaur, the \”Mind Movie\” or Dia De Los Muertos. It could be…I'm just not 100%. Either way, I updated the text to reflect that it may be the case that Sulley is the reference. Also – you're right about A113 not being in Monsters, Inc. (not The Incredibles). I must have been losing my mind since I do know that! :)Thanks as always for the comments!

  5. Pete Docter did an interview for a BBC Pixar documentary once – he said A113 *is* in Monsters, Inc., but he can't remember where!I think he said it might be one of the doors Mike and Sulley run past, but it's at such an angle that you can't see it.

  6. No problem! Just want to remind you both on how great of a job you two do here. It's so great to have a reliable blog with great people running it that are truly engaging! Keep up the good work!!!

  7. Awesome ! Thanks so much for finding it ! You must be the first place on the net to have given an image.I have found something else: http://mashable.com/2012/11/14/disney-pixar-brave-hidden-gems/This was posted today, and reveals that a Joe Ranft tribute appears in Brave ! (although again, it seems very subtle) The images are apparently official images (unfortunate the author resized and cropped them…), so it seems Pixar finally is willing to say where it hid its last easter eggs.

  8. That is great Antoine! Thanks again for another great find! I must say, we are proud of the fact that we posted were the first blog to post these images – especially of the Pixar ball since there hasn't been any reference to that anywhere else yet.

  9. Hey Jeff – I hear you. It's a tough one to spot (and make out) for sure…and we still can't say that we're 100% positive. We have asked for clarification, but haven't heard – so until otherwise, we're going with this as the best bet. The other reason we feel relatively confident about it is because Brenda Chapman did say that all of the hidden items were all within one scene from the movie and I can say that we've dug and dug through every scene frame by frame and haven't seen anything else even close. Obviously if anything else ever pops up, we'll be sure to update the post. Pixar Post – T.J.

  10. Sorry I don't know about any one else, but that is not a ball, it's a small carving of a bear at a funny angle, the others are good and I never would have spotted the A113 but it doesn't look like a ball to me!

  11. Hey Chloe – yeah, it is a tough one for sure. We've asked for clarification but haven't heard back – if we end up hearing anything we'll be sure to update the post for sure!

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