Billy Crystal Interview – More Hints for Monsters University

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Billy Crystal recently had an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in which he gushes about the upcoming, Monsters University and along the way, reveals the final scene of the movie.

Crystal (Mike Wazowski) notes that he and John Goodman (Sulley) recorded their dialogue in tandem again (like in the first movie) – which he attributes to the authenticity of their real-life and character relationship. Typically the vocal acts are recorded at separate times due to schedules, but Billy and John wanted to work together again. Billy also talks about how Pixar allowed him to “Improvise like a madman!”. I’m sure this will only lead to more hilarity than the story team could have even anticipated.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the ending would have something to do with Monsters, Inc. – but it’s interesting that Billy noted (if you don’t want to read a spoiler, stop reading now)… that “The movie ends with us walking into Monsters, Inc. and working in the mailroom.”

Billy had also noted back on August 23, 2012, that “[Mike and Sully] end up in the same fraternity where they have this scare competition — like Greek Games in college,” Crystal told the magazine. “They have to mobilize a group, sort of like Revenge of the Nerds-monsters, and get them ready to be scary.” He added that “They’re 17 and 18 years old in the script. My guy has a retainer, even.” 

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