Monsters University and The Progressive Metal Band "Mastodon"?

Monsters University Mastodon Music

Thanks to one of our amazing readers from Belgium (Klaas), he informed us of an eyebrow-raising article (via Metal Injection) that notes that the progressive metal group, Mastodon is writing a new song for the upcoming Pixar flick, Monsters University. Since the movie digs into the college years of our favorite monsters, we can only imagine the intense mix of character personalities and tastes that are going to mesh in this movie.

It will be interesting to see how Pixar positions the music within the movie – will there be a band of monsters called “Monsterdon”, will there be a music-blasting roommate that drives Mike batty, will there be a musical montage of college pranks using the song? At this point, we’re only limited by our imaginations.

Monsters University Mastodon Music
Photo from Metal Injection’s breaking story – Linked above

For a sampling of Mastodon’s previous musical contribution to an animated program, check out the song they wrote for the Cartoon Network show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

What are your thoughts on the integration of a Mastodon song into Monsters University (opening June 21, 2013)?

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