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Monsters University shirts and hat

By now, you’ve probably seen the highly entertaining and detailed Monsters University, university website (where you can learn all about the prestigious university). Among all the detailed information and campus maps, there is also a campus store (UPDATED: link removed as the campus store is no longer active) that is stocked with T-shirts, sweatshirts/hoodies, a hat, mug, travel mug, and even a pennant to help you spread your Monsters University spirit.

Of course, we couldn’t resist this merchandise and had to get our hands on it as soon as possible. We ordered up a fair amount of items and couldn’t wait to check the color, cut, and clarity…oh wait…we were just excited to “check it out”! Here are our thoughts on a few of the pieces available for sale in the University store.

Monsters University Mug

The Hat:

I wanted to start with the hat because I absolutely love it. I find that I can’t wear most standard hats because they just look too big (too tall on top), but this one fits quite well and the detailing of the “MU” patch on the front is just great. The only thing that could make this hat better would be if it were a fitted hat (this has a standard velcro adjustment), but I won’t fault it for that because I understand that would be a nightmare to stock the size ranges of Pixar fans (from adults to kids). The blue is vibrant but not so vibrant that it’s shouting, “hey look at me” – it’s a nice tone.

The Sweatshirt/Hoodie:

We bought the black pullover hoodie and I must say that the eyeball and the blue color of the “M” really pop off the black of the sweatshirt. The fit was perfect while wearing another tee-shirt underneath  – not too tight and not too baggy (after a wash and dry).

The Men’s & Women’s T-Shirt:

The T-Shirts are another great blend of color and style. The shirts are a similar tone of blue to the hat but are toned down a little more because of their slightly heathered fabrics. Overall I like the Women’s version of the “T” a bit more than the Men’s for two reasons. First, the Women’s is made from a softer jersey-style 100% cotton and the Men’s is a bit more of a standard 100% cotton feel. Second, because the cut of the Women’s shirt is more tapered than the Men’s version – for me, I am a trim gentleman and I prefer a more tailored shirt than the standard boxy cut. That being said, I don’t find the size to be excessively large, it’s just a straight boxy cut where it’s the same width from under the armpits down to the bottom. All-in-all though, we love them and have already received some compliments wearing them out and we love the distressed look.

The Mug:

The mug is a great compliment to the Finding Nemo seagulls and Lightning McQueen mugs we already have. The mug is a great size – it’s not an oversized mug from a width standpoint, but it is slightly taller than a standard mug. I actually prefer this size of this mug over any other size because the “jumbo” mugs hold way more than I’d ever drink and the standard mug size always makes me think I’m going to slosh some hot tea on my lap. That’s a long way of saying that I love the mug. The “MU” logo is only on one side of the mug and is a slightly deeper blue than the hats and shirts. The inside of the mug is also a deeper blue color and actually has a very, very slight purple cast to it. In my opinion – you can’t go wrong with the mug.

Make sure to check out the Campus Store for more merchandise and if you’ve bought any of the products, take a moment and let our other readers know what you think of them in the comments below – are there other products that you’d also like to see made to help fill your Monsters University hunger?

If you haven’t – check out our custom Monsters University letterman cardigan and our custom Monsters University letterman sweatshirt and OOZMA KAPPA t-shirt.

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  1. That's a bummer – when we were at Disneyland in late April you couldn't go in a store and not see them! The other bummer is that they've been sold out online for over a month now and I'd guess that they're not going to restock them at this point. 🙁 If anything pops up I'll be sure to let you know but you're best bet in the short term would be to check out eBay – click the link to go right to the Monsters University Hats that are currently listed – we didn't have better news for now!

  2. i been looking for the MU hat not even Disneyland sells them! Does anyone know where i can buy one?

  3. Hey Kathy – Since the hat has been restocked a few times before I would have originally have said that it would also be restocked, but I'm not sure any more. The rest of the merchandise was ported over to the official Disney Store (rather than being sold exclusively through the MonstersU site) but the hat doesn't show up in their store at all. That makes me think that it may not be added any longer. Obviously, I cannot be 100% certain, but that's just my guess. If you'd like, we are selling a gently used one for $18+shipping. It was used for a photo shoot we did as well as wore it to one event. Here is the photo shoot we did ( If you're interested at all, feel free to send us an email at info(at)pixarpost(dot)com

  4. That's great Madison! That's also funny about the bacon'y comment! 🙂 We really do love all the Monsters merch and hope that even more clothing is released. We also recently bought the MU tumbler glasses as well and they are really high quality too. That's also good to know about the window cling – we'll have to see how ours sticks soon! Pixar Post – T.J.

  5. I got the white crest shirt, the mug, and the window cling since it was $2 with purchase of another item. I LOVE the shirt design, the sleeve cuffs are a little buckled (bacon-y, if you know that hanes commercial) but I still love it. It's a little longer too, which I like. The mug is wonderful, as stated above. The window cling wasn't very clingy when I attempted to attach it to my aluminum laptop, but after I messed with it some by rubbing it around I got to to build up some static and stick better. I'm almost considering buying the women's cut shirt too. I love this stuff! People at school are going to think I've switched colleges lol

  6. Hello – thank you for your comment – the sweatshirts are closer to Men's sizing for the sweatshirts, but they're not overly baggy or big for the size. Hope this helps! 🙂

  7. Cool! I want to get a hoodie myself but torn between the sizing. Do you know if the hoodies are unisex or men sizing?

  8. Hello – Yeah, what's funny is that there are actually two other people that have inquired about getting the hat as well. Hopefully they do bring them back. If you want to send us an email ( with your name and email address I can let you know if we see them come back online – I'm actually keeping an eye out for two other readers as well right now for the same hat! 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  9. I am really upset about the fact that the monsters university hat is sold out! 🙁 I hope that they will restock soon because I really want one!! Do you know if they will restock the hats? I think they should since they would earn more money before the release of the movie… I am just hoping they will restock soon!!

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