D23 Fall 2012 Issue – Inside Cars Land

D23 Magazine Cars Land Issue

The Fall 2012 (Volume IV, Number III) issue of D23 magazine (Disney’s official fan club) showcases Disney Land’s, California Adventure Cars Land expansion in great detail. The article may only be eight pages long, but the information, photos, and details are very inclusive. The text takes you on a detailed journey from your first steps into the park and circles back to the exit – all along, filling you in on the construction process as well as how Pixar animators met with Disney Imagineering to ensure the accuracy of all the town elements.

My favorite part of the review is when they tell the extended story of how Stanley founded Radiator Springs and the order he built the buildings before he met Lizzy. Another fun fact described that there are just a little over 300 different items for sale in the Cars Land stores – wow, that’s a lot of Cars merchandise!

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