Our Custom PartySaurus Rex/Pixar Canada Sweatshirt

Partysaurus Rex Custom Sweatshirt

It’s no surprise that we are fans of the newest Toy Story Toon, PartySaurus Rex. Well, the party continues as tonight I finished my custom PartySaurus Rex/Pixar Canada sweatshirt for my upcoming Walt Disney World trip in November.

Over 20 pieces of fabric, each hand-cut and stitched made up the Pixar Canada logo as well as the Partysaurus Rex logo – my challenge of this project was Luxo. With some trial and error, I was able to finally get Luxo’s detailing nailed down and I’m beyond thrilled with the outcome.

What was once an idea that popped in my head has now resulted in a custom Pixar sweatshirt. I love how Pixar can inspire the artist in all of us and I hope this inspires you to create your own custom Pixar art.

Partysaurus Rex custom sweatshirt

(Image above) Julie wearing her custom PartySaurus Rex/Pixar Canada Mickey Ears and Sweatshirt at Pixar Place in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Orlando Florida.

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PartySaurus Rex Parties With BT
Partysaurus Rex Custom Toy BT Concert

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