The Art of Pixar Volume II Postcard Set

Art of Pixar Volume II Postcard

Chronicle Books recently released the third set of collectible postcards (The Art of Pixar Volume II) highlighting the last six Pixar movies and sixteen (though the box says eighteen) short films released between 2007 and 2012. For someone looking to mail a creative “hello” or if you just want to collect the beautiful Pixar artwork, then you’ll love this unique postcard set. Much like the “Art of” books (also from Chronicle), these 5.63 inch by 3.81-inch postcards feature screen captures and concept art from the following movies/shorts:

  • Ratatouille – 13 postcards
  • Lifted – 2 postcards
  • Mater & The Ghost Light – 2 postcards
  • Your Friend The Rat – 2 postcards
  • WALL-E – 11 postcards
  • Presto – 2 postcards
  • BURN-E – 2 postcards
  • Tokyo Mater – 1 postcard
  • Up – 12 postcards
  • Partly Cloudy – 2 postcards
  • Dug’s Special Mission – 1 postcard
  • Unidentified Flying Mater – 1 postcard
  • Toy Story 3 – 13 postcards
  • Day & Night – 2 postcards
  • Monster Truck Mater – 1 postcard
  • Mater Private Eye – 1 postcard
  • Cars 2 – 12 postcards
  • Hawaiian Vacation – 2 postcards
  • Air Mater – 1 postcard
  • Small Fry – 2 postcards
  • Brave – 13 postcards
  • La Luna – 2 postcards

The only short films that aren’t represented in the set within that timeframe are:

  • Heavy Metal Mater
  • Moon Mater

The thick, colorful box opens and includes a small lime green ribbon that easily allows you to pull out the 100 postcards. As soon as you open the box you notice the quality of the postcards and their color accuracy. These postcards are a great way to spread your Pixar love around the house, office, or anywhere. I like to swap out a few postcards every few weeks and put them on my desk to have a quick and easy way to get new drawing inspirations.

Art of Pixar Volume II Postcard

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If you like the postcards, keep in mind that Chronicle has also previously released two other postcard sets – The Art of Pixar [2005] and The Art of Toy Story [2009] (covering Toy Story 1 2).

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